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Gwinnett County DUI Attorney

Jack E. Harrell, Jr. has been serving the citizens of Georgia out of Lawrenceville offices in Gwinnett County since 1998.  Representing clients all across north and middle Georgia from Dalton to Macon and from Blairsville to Athens, our firm stakes its reputation on our commitment to provide you the personal Counselor At Law that you need to help you through your case.

Honest & Agressive Representation: 

    The first priority of your attorney should be to give you an honest opinion about your case.  To let you know the bad points as well as the good points so that you are properly prepared for the likely or at least potential outcomes.  Georgia ethical rules require that your attorney advocate for your rights and we do so vigorously.  What we do not do is blindly encourage litigation to the detriment of our clients just because we could earn higher fees by taking a case to trial.  Our representation is tailored to YOUR particular case and facts and how YOU want your rights pursued after you have been properly advised.  
    We practice aggressive DUI Defense , general Criminal Defense and Family Law for a reason. 75% of all cases filed in our home county of Gwinnett are either Criminal or Family Law related. This percentage is generally repeated throughout the state of Georgia.  We are trial attorneys and these are the cases that most frequently need trials. Not all cases need to be litigated all the way to a jury trial, in fact most do not.  Whatever the facts of your case, you need an attorney that does not press for an unfavorable settlement or plea in order to avoid taking your case to trial. Your attorney's reputation for trying and winning cases is what gives you an edge in seeking a good pre-trial resolution if possible.

Free Consultation:

    We will be happy to discuss your case with you in person at our Lawrenceville office free of charge.  Every case is different and it is important for us to get as much specific information about your case as we can so that we can provide sound legal advice.  The vast majority of people who seek a consultation at our firm retain us when an attorney is needed.  And yes, we will honestly tell you if you do not in fact need an attorney for your issue.  Clients who consult with us frequently comment on and appreciate the depth of our information provided and the sincerity in our commitment to providing good advice, especially if they have previously consulted with other attorneys. 

Your Personal Attorney:

    When you retain our firm the attorney you consult with will be the attorney who represents you in all phases of your case.  We do not have partners meet with you to convince you to retain our firm and then swap in an associate to handle your case.  Our areas of practice are specialized, but if it turns out you need representation in another area we will find an attorney who can help you.  Our goal is to become your trusted advisor who you can turn to when faced with any complicated legal matter whether it is now or 10 years from now.  We value our clients and the trust they put in us.  We will provide you with the knowledge, experience, dedication and communication you deserve so that you are comfortable with the knowledge that your rights are being protected.  This is why our clients return even years later if they have new legal issues.

REAL Case Evaluations:

    Our commitment is to give you honest and straightforward legal advice and representation in our areas of practice .  Most legal issues are too complicated and fact dependant to have you fill out an online questionaire and be able to properly evaluate your case.  If you see an advertisement for a "FREE Evaluation" then you can bet that the evaluation you get is going to say "You need to hire an attorney right away!"  Some cases need a commitment to litigation right from the start.  Other cases need to have some investigating done to gather all the relevant facts before the true nature of the issue can be evaluated.  Our firm will always provide a representation option to fully explore and evaluate your case to give you a "best estimate" on likely outcomes and chances of sucess with your case based on your facts.  
    While we do get personally invested emotionally in your case, we never lose sight of the fact that it is our case and not our lives.  So it's never about us.  Your case is about YOU and YOUR loved ones.  Our fees and representation levels are based upon what your case needs and you make the decision on how we proceed after you are properly informed and advised.

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