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Our Lawrenceville, Georgia law office specializes in comprehensive DUI defense.  We offer a free consultation to do an initial evaluation of your case and present you with your options.

Our DUI defense practice handles all cases in the following areas:

- Aggressive DUI Defense
- Driver’s License litigation
- Traffic tickets
- Criminal Law

DUIs happen to ordinary citizens, not criminals.  The legal limit for alcohol is set so low that most people who drink enough to develop any level of alcohol tolerance can be over the legal limit and not know it.  Yet the state believes you are “under the influence.”  There are also times when good people can have impaired judgment from a moderate amount of alcohol.  A DUI arrest may leave you regretting your momentary lapse in judgment and feeling like you’ve really “learned your lesson.”  Or you may be wondering how that officer could have believed you were under the influence and violated you in such a manner.  Law enforcement’s zealous search for DUI drivers frequently ends with innocent people being charged with DUI.  Regardless of whether the police had grounds to arrest you for DUI or you think you have already learned your lesson, the arrest itself is only the beginning.

DUI is a very politicized crime.  Legislators, judges, and prosecutors are all under tremendous pressure to enact tougher laws and see to it that every potential DUI is prosecuted.  Prosecuting authorities in all jurisdictions are very aggressive and will seldom give any citizen a break in a case unless you can show them significant legal issues with your particular case.  Many people believe that if they just go to court without an attorney and admit guilt they can receive a lighter sentence.  That is usually not the case. 

Along with tough prosecution you will also face tough penalties.  If you plead guilty or are convicted at trial you may have to serve additional jail time and will certainly face lengthy probation, stiff fines and surcharges, have to perform many hours of community service, and attend various costly education classes.  You will also lose some or all of your driving privileges and almost certainly have higher insurance rates imposed upon you.  For many, these penalties will cause them to lose their job and restrict their business opportunities.  It is worth your time to have an experienced DUI trial attorney review your case.

An experienced attorney can often help people by minimizing the punishments imposed if not beating the charges outright.  Outcomes vary depending on the specific facts of your case, but everyone is entitled to a defense and every case is defensible to some degree.  Due to the severity of DUIs, and the massive numbers of cases and corresponding case law concerning DUIs, there are many technical hoops the police and prosecutors must jump through in order to successfully convict you of DUI.  Police officers are only human and mistakes are made.  These mistakes may form the basis for your defense.

When I investigate a DUI case I collect all of the evidence that the State will try to use against you in their prosecution.  This includes full police reports and supplementals, videos of the stop, training and conduct records of your police officer, lab test results, any statements given by you or other witnesses at the scene, evidence of prior incidents, even testing and calibration documents on any breath machine used in your case.  With full knowledge of all the State’s evidence I can then analyze what is likely to be admissible and not admissible and how much weight it will carry.  I can then determine the likelihood of the State being able to convict you.  That way you can make an educated decision on how to proceed with your case.

I cannot and will not guarantee that we will beat your case or get you a “sweet” plea bargain.  In some cases the evidence is overwhelming and it makes more sense to plea guilty to DUI rather than incur the expense of fighting a case at trial that has little or no chance of success.  Those cases are rare, but if your case is such a case then I will honestly tell you so and help you go through the process of entering the plea and getting your license back. 

There is a lot at stake when you are charged with a DUI.  Everyone can benefit from experienced legal representation even if it is just helping to make sure that you are not railroaded by the legal system and the Department of Motor Vehicle Safety.  If you do not retain my firm then I would encourage you to retain another firm.  You need representation in with your case.

Time is of the essence!          

The State may be working right now to suspend your license independently from the criminal proceeding against you.  Georgia law provides for an administrative suspension of your license, or privilege to drive in Georgia if you are licensed in another state, for up to a year if you refused a breath test or even if you took the test but blew over a certain limit (which varies according to age and classification of your license).  This suspension can usually be avoided but you must take action and file an appeal of this suspension within ten days of your arrest.

My office can try to help you avoid this suspension and most of the time we are successful.  Do not wait to contact us.  There is no leniency with the Department of Motor Vehicle Safety regarding the ten day limit.  After ten days your right to fight your suspension is lost.

I invite you to contact us for a free consultation on your DUI legal questions. When you do, you will find that we provide effective, professional, comprehensive and cost effective legal services. We welcome you to our firm.